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Archive for January 25th, 2010

We finished Step 21 today (out of 24) in our All About Spelling program. In about 3-4 weeks, we’ll be on to Level 2! Here is what the AAS board looks like at the end of Level 1. You’ll have two sets of letters (vowels are in red, and you’ll notice “y” has one red tile). You’ll see a blank consonant (blue) tile and a blank red tile to assist with spelling words when we need to apply a rule first. The Consonant Teams we’ve learned so far in spelling are: th, ch, sh, ck, ng, and nk.

Today we finished up nk words. At the beginning of this lesson you’ll line up all the vowels EXCEPT e, as e never goes before -nk. (Maybe it does in very rare words…)  Same as the -ng rule, where e rarely goes before -ng.

Each Step takes us about 3-4 lessons, usually 3. Since we strive to do three spelling lessons a week, each Step takes us a week to finish.

The first day we review, and All About Spelling has a pretty great system for review. We tackle the review cards in our AAS file box. Then we learn the current step’s lesson. We use the tile board for spelling out the first 10 words. These are the same words that we store in our Index file box, and we’ll put them in the “Review” section. The next day we’ll spell those 10 words on paper. Usually this doesn’t take too long, so we’ll also spell a few “More Words”. The final day we’ll spell the rest of the “More Words”, and a list of Phrases. Usually the phrases has the  original 10 words in the phrases, so if Satori gets them right, I can move them into the “Mastered” section. Only in a great while will we take out our Mastered cards and review them.

Then, once a lesson is done, we put up a sticker on our chart! (Stickers don’t come with the program, we chose the most happy stickers we had at the time.) Our hopping frogs are very happy looking, so we do our Happy Hoppy Frog Dance!

I promised someone I would get the word list up for the Wordly Wise Kindergarten book. Here it is! (Click on the photo to see it full-size.)

The words seem pretty easy to me, but I mentioned before that Satori loves this program. We did our vocabulary this morning, due to her request. This evening she begged to do another lesson! She doesn’t exactly beg for lessons normally like this. It shouldn’t be long before we finish this Kindergarten book, and are in the First Grade book, which might be more appropriate with more challenging words.

UPDATE 2/4: On our last lesson, each time I showed a new Word Card to Satori, she pretty much said each word before we  “learned” it. That means these words are way too simple for her. We’re going to finish this book in the next few days and move on to First Grade.

Thank you to those who went out of their way to email me this week about the message they are getting when trying to comment on my blog. I wonder if this is due to recent updates I made to all my blog plugins. I have looked at the settings for my spam protector and saw this:

However, I now wonder how many valid people weren’t able to leave valid comments! I’ll try checking the above setting and see how it goes…

So comment away!!!