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Archive for January 27th, 2010

I have a feeling Story of the World is going to dominate this blog! I’m trying to figure out how to best organize these posts so that I can easily display them in order by lesson. I’ve added a new Menu to the top to find all posts relating to SOTW 1, as well as a “tag” to find the individual lessons. The tag for this post is “sotw1-2”, which means its from SOTW Book 1 (Ancients), Chapter 2. Then I’ll whip up a page that lists all the SOTW chapters with links to the blog posts. Yes, that is what I will do..

With that aside, we have learned about the gods of Ancient Egypt. A few weeks earlier, I had purchased this Ancient Egypt Toob that had several of the most famous Egyptian gods in it, as well as famous symbols of Egypt. We also got a few separately, the tall Bastet goddess being one of them. Not shown are Horus, Thoth and Amun, but they dont’ stand very well and Thoth (pronounced like “both”) plummeted off the loft banister to shatter on our floor. 🙁 I’m hoping these are good investments though as Safari isn’t making some of the models anymore.

Isis is Satori’s favorite, and we have quite a few books that tell these stories.

  • Egyptian Gods and Goddesses by Henry Barker – one of the SOTW recommended books. Satori should be able to read this book soon by herself. But since we’re not quite at that level, I read it as a quick read-aloud.
  • Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green – definitely a read-aloud chapter book. Goes into detail some of the Egyptian myths, one being the story Story of the World covered about Osiris and Set. We’ve only read the first 3 of the total of 20 tales. Parental judgement should be used if reading some of these stories, and some of them might be too long for a young child not used to longer read-aloud stories. Satori is enthralled with all things Egypt, and so far she enjoys me reading this to her.
  • Marduk the Mighty by Andrew Matthews – this one is recommended often in homeschooling circles, so we’ve had this for almost a year now. First time we read it though! There are at least two Egyptian stories on creation.
  • The Star-Bearer: A Creation Myth from Ancient Egypt by Dianne Hofmeyr – I had to snag this one used off Amazon Marketplace, it’s no longer in print. I couldn’t resist the beautiful picture book though, and we learned about some of the lesser known gods – Geb and Nut (pronounced Noot).

I discovered the fun world of the Running Press Treasure Chests, and this was our very first one – Ancient Egypt: Start Exploring. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to open the lock without the key. (HINT: Press  hard down on the protruding piece.)

Here it is opened, with the secret compartment slid out. It comes with a small hieroglyph stamp set, a kit to make your own Egyptian necklace, actual papyrus (which is why I wanted this), a booklet, games, stickers, and posters.

We got a cute little poster describing some of the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

SOTW Chapter 2 introduces us to the Egyptians, and the first reading covers the Nile River. We made the Nile River last week and it has started sprouting its “river reeds” yesterday! Here is how they are coming along today:

The “reeds” are actually from Cat Grass seeds, which is the only type of grass I could find the other day. Maybe it will be a treat for our 3 cats when we’re done! They are all reaching one way towards the sun.