One of my homeschooling online groups had the great idea to send each other Valentine’s Day cards! There were so many who wanted to participate, that we got filed into groups so we wouldn’t have to send out bazillions. This was a 3-4 hour process anyway, with the whole family participating – a family craft night.

Satori did almost all the work, and I cannot believe she persevered through it all. She wrote all the names and signed the cards. She stuck on all the stickers and items, and stamped the  hieroglyphs.

Yep, since Satori memorized her hieroglyphs, she stamped each child’s name in hieroglyphs! She knew all the letters except some rare ones.

We did this assembly line, with Satori doing the writing/sticking/stamping, and daddy doing the gluing and glittering, and mama organizing and addressing the envelopes.

And once we were done, Satori sealed them with a kiss.