We’ve finished spelling compound words in our All-About-Spelling program Level 1. Just 2 more Steps to go and we’re on to Level 2.

Before we started Step 23 today we did a review. This program has a great system for review. In our Spelling Review box we tackle things we need to review. She has all the rules, Key Cards, phonograms memorized except for a couple like all the sounds for the letter “o”. AAS is a vertical phonics system, so we are to learn all the sounds of a phonogram right away. At first it can be daunting to be presented with all these sounds that even the parent didn’t have memorized, but in the end, it makes reading and spelling so much easier. It’s certainly paying off now that we’ve moved beyond the basic short vowel and consonant sounds.

I keep all the words Satori struggles with and we start out by spelling them. Here she is spelling them on her hanging white board.

Any words that are not spelled correctly get filed away in the Review tab of our index card box. Toward the end of Level 1, here is the remaining words she has a hard time spelling. Most of the time it comes down to pronunciation issues – instead of “drink” we pronounce it almost like “jrink”. “desktop” she wants to spell as “desctop” but I think she is catching on now. “pink” is always spelled “pick”, but I know she knows most of her -ink words, so this must be a pronunciation thing for her. “windmill” often forgets the double “l” at the end. Our hint:

Remember to floss!

I admit our spelling lesson went past 20 minutes today, I wanted to get a very thorough review done. I guess we’re usually so excited to start a new level, that the Review session gets truncated prematurely. This time, we covered everything. She got bored after the 30 minute mark and started writing random phrases down. This is what it says:

chase the frog

Mat gulped. He scared the pig, ran to the pond.

Not quite a story but I love that she spelled “chase” correctly and we haven’t covered that yet.