I just wanted to share a little update on what our life has been like in the week I haven’t been blogging. We are going to be adopting a child (or two), and it most likely will happen this year! Being adopted myself, this is something I have always wanted to do, and this year is finally the perfect time for our family to take on this next part of our life. We are pursuing the Waiting Child program, and are expecting a 4-5 year old child, perhaps even a sibling pair.

In just a short amount of time, David and I have had about 10 hours of training. Mama has been reading up about adopting an older child. We are trying to prepare the house for a home study. David thought it was time for us to replace my old furniture I bought straight out of college, and now we have a living room that I’d be proud to invite people over and hang out in. 🙂 I’m also preparing the child’s bedroom and bathroom areas, which I won’t get around to finishing until we know the gender when we are matched.

Satori is sooo excited about getting a new baby sister or brother, she keeps talking about her new sibling. She knows that this new sibling could be up to 5 years old, but we had been talking about a baby sibling for several years now, it is hard to stop saying “baby”.

We are still doing lessons, and I’ll be posting about our days once again very soon…