Here are some photos of our newly decorated living room/family room. (I had promised my mom to take these.) This is just below our Loft area where we do most of our lessons. So you can see that the family can stay connected if some of us are hanging out in the Loft or in the living room watching TV.

This new furniture kicks out and reclines, and most of it even rocks back and forth. It’s so comfy to curl up and watch movies or read.

Very important to me in this little redesign of this room was a place to read comfortably. With the adoption coming up, we may be losing our Library room to a bedroom, so I still wanted a place to curl up with my children and read. This recliner chair certainly fills that need!

This piece below was sitting in our basement playroom unused. It is supposed to be a media center, but we decided to convert it to a bookcase showcasing large hardcover books, like the kind you’d put on a coffee table. I’ll get a swivel dictionary stand to hold our unabridged New Oxford American dictionary.

When we bought this house, we inherited all this rustic Aspen furniture. We added two new pieces to this room, the bookcase above, and the end table. These join the huge entertainment center in the room, as well as all the window sills and railings in the room.

This weekend, we  got some beautiful Colorado snow. You can’t see all the windows, but this room has windows climbing way up high and we can see the snow-covered trees surrounding the house.