Just wanted to share Satori’s new bird journal which we’ll be using as we read The Burgess Bird Book for Children.  You may notice below that she re-did some of her words and drawings, I put on a white sticker so she could redo them (just in case you’re wondering why 3 parts look strange). The below binder will house information about the birds we’re learning in the book.  We should actually make a new cover page.

Each chapter I’m printing out several bird photos of the bird we’re studying.

Then if we find a bird coloring page we’ll do that first while taking care to notice that bird’s particular markings. I’m taking one  of your suggestions and also printing off a fact list, map, and other helpful stuff. Even if she can’t read it all this year, one day she’ll look back and read it all with pride. 🙂

Here is Satori’s very first drawing, it is Jenny the House Wren.

This is Bully the House Sparrow. I blurted out that it looked more like a turkey, so she didn’t want it in her book. I gave her a quick bird anatomy/drawing lesson and she wanted to try again.

Here’s her second attempt of which she is more proud. She traced a drawing I had printed out, then used black marker to outline it. Finally, colored it in with her Lyra Ferby pencils.

I thought it would be cool if both Satori and I could draw realistic looking birds, so we’re doing a quick study of simple bird anatomy. I printed off this “Parts of a Bird” PDF page several times, and we’ll refer to it several times until the parts of a bird become second nature. Hopefully being familiar with the parts of a bird will help both of us draw future birds.

Here’s a interactive Bird Anatomy page that deserves a look! After  you play with that page, surf around for more fun stuff.

I also started printing off bird photos. These are all 4″x4″ and then laminated. On the bag are stickers with some facts about the bird.

Finally, another great idea I got from you readers is a bird tree to post these birds on! I’m still thinking about how to do this. Of course once it’s up we’ll share the pictures!