We’ve been home from our trip to Wisconsin for a week now. The first week back was pretty busy for Mom with a jury summons and catching a cold. The jury experience was fascinating, I hope to get called again sometime! Satori got to hang out with her old daycare friends that she knew from over a year ago, they were so excited to see each other. Now that the weather is more predictable and nicer, Satori and I have plans to do so much this spring and summer. We’re going to renew all our park passes (state/national), get to the zoo and local Denver area museums, and hang out with the Colorado NICHE homeschooling families. We’re going to camp and hike a ton. With Daddy we have plans for Yellowstone/Teton National Park trip, Great Sand Dunes National Park and much more.

Already Satori and Mom have been doing lots of birding. In the past few weeks, both during our trip and at home, we’ve seen Goldfinches, Cardinals, Steller’s Jays, Evening Grosbeak, and much more. We’re keeping a list now, you can see it on the right column under our curriculum listing.

Thank goodness for open-and-go curriculum during this busy time! Satori whipped through her Handwriting Without Tears First Grade book, so I’ll have to get the Second Grade book now. She has really worked hard on getting her handwriting looking nice. When we do our All-About-Spelling lessons, we are whipping through the Level Two lessons, there are many things she already knows. I suspect we’ll be hitting Level 3 late summer/early fall if we stay on track. Reading is coming along great, there is nothing easier than using Ordinary Parents Guide. She is picking up random books and reading them aloud to us, needing only minimal help. I’m still not pushing her to read on her own, but she is doing this more and more. Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons are also open-and-go programs that are sooo easy to use.

Satori continues to write her books on Liz the cat and her adventures/friends. She also enjoys drawing birds in various bird journals. 🙂

I hope to ditch this cold that is slowing me down asap, so we can get back on track 100%!