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Archive for May, 2010

My first real “homeschooling” post in a month and a half! We’ve been quietly continuing on in about half of our subjects. I’ve uploaded a few photos of Satori’s spelling lesson she did today, as they show multiple progress on various things – spelling, handwriting, and writing.

Today we hit the middle lesson in our Level 2 AAS book. These lessons (when we do them) just fly by, she learns certain things so quickly and some spelling things she picks up on her own. Today’s lesson was the double-e “ee” vowel pair making the long-e sound. The only word she spelled wrong was “dere” instead of “deer”. But she does correctly spells the word that doesn’t follow the rule, which is “been”.

You can see she understands sentence structure and sentences with capital letters and ends them appropriately. We do need to work on doing this in her random journal entries and letters to people though. Her letters are pretty much all formed correctly. But I have failed in getting her to use a correct tripod grip. She doesn’t think she writes as neat when she uses a proper grip. Frustrating, but I think I will move on from that.

I love it that Satori loves to write letters to people. If I remember to take photos of them, it is a great way to document how her handwriting, spelling, and writing/grammar are coming along. These letters are completely of Satori’s own initiative and I did not help at all with content or spelling. We sent out a bunch this week. Here’s a few that I especially liked.

This one was to an old pen-pal that Satori still remembers. David is embarassed that he got called out for watching TV all day.

She enjoys drawing maps now and then.

She writes so much better when it is  on lined paper appropriate for her age. We are just beginning to learn writing and grammar this year, so sometimes she forgets to capitalize beginnings of sentences and put periods on her sentences, but we’ll be working more on that this year.

Here she is talking about what she learned about Ancient China from our Story of the World studies.

Phonics rocks! It enables Satori to write about whatever she wants without worrying about appropriate spelling. She is completely empowered to put all her thoughts down on paper. Spelling isn’t 100% correct, but anyone can read her letters. I love seeing her thoughts and reading what she is excited (or “isdided”) about. As for  learning the correct spellings, we are halfway through Level 2 All-About-Spelling now and are totally whizzing through it. We have 6 more levels to go total, but by then I am confident she’ll be spelling better every month!

Mom will be at her relaxing retreat for a week starting tomorrow. Good organic food, yoga/meditation, hikes and more… I expect to come back rejuvenated and strong and calm…

I leave you now with a little Mountain Chickadee. These guys are common at our 9000 feet altitude mountain house and are distinguished from all other chickadees by their little white eyebrow stripe.