Speaking of the human body, I’ll share a few other resources we’ve used in our little unit study foray.

After a very healthy spring with Mom constantly talking about eating right and exercising, Satori decided she wanted to learn about the human body and become a doctor. So for a month we learned about human anatomy by reading this First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, a very gentle introduction for a young one.

Off Netflix (not Instant) we watched National Geographic’s Inside the Living Body. Satori couldn’t get enough of it, she watched it four times before I sent it back. She said she wanted to watch it  until she had it all memorized. Last time she did this was when we studied prehistory and she watched Walking With Monsters a dozen times.

As a finale, we saw Body Worlds at the Denver Nature & Science Museum. Of course photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibit so I don’t have photos of this field trip.

This was simply an introduction to the human body, but Satori really was interested and retained so much. She’ll bring up things she’s learned in everyday conversation everyday now. I can’t wait to go into more detail and study anatomy again.