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Archive for July 15th, 2010

My favorite homeschooling forum started a Flat Stanley project and it launched this past week! What is Flat Stanley? The idea originates from a book series written in 1964 about a boy who got flattened one night from a bulletin board falling on him. He then travels the world by mailing himself in an envelope!

Our list will send Satori through over half the states of the United States and two other countries, with participants emailing us photos of Flat Satori in their various geographic locations! In turn, we’ll take photos of their Flat Stanleys in front of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

To make Flat Satori, I selected a recent photo of her entire body. I lucked out and found one right away. I printed it out on cardstock paper, cut it out carefully, then laminated it. Here she is!

For a size perspective, here’s Real Satori  holding Flat Satori.

We have to make them small enough to fit in an 8×11 manila envelope.

We’re sending it out to 50 families. Because I didn’t want to get bored with the same old photo, I used Photoshop to make a couple different versions. A few of her facing the other way, and one with a blue dress. 🙂 Thank you “Replace Color” in Photoshop.

Here’s  our Flat Stanley book collection.

I wanted people to be able to hold Flat Satori up without covering her body, so I stuck a magnetic stick on the back. Never mind little orange mouth girl in the background…

During shipment, the stick can be moved up and stored perfectly behind Flat Satori.

Some people make their Flat Stanley children out of a template, which also sounds like a cool idea! But being an amateur photographer myself I thought it would be cute to see an actual Satori everywhere. 🙂

Here’s a selection of photos from our 9-day trip across the National Parks of the West! We explored Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier National  Parks. We hit 5 states – Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and back to Colorado. Here we are on our hike in the Tetons overlooking Jenny Lake at Inspiration Point.

Can’t miss Old Faithful! I’m so glad we sat here to get the geyser all backlit like this.

One of David and Satori (my favorite) hiking in the Tetons.

A view of the Tetons from down below.

In the Tetons we saw quite a few moose, close to the road too. We saw so much wildlife that were so close that we could actually reach out and touch some (of course we didn’t though).

A mountain goat in Glacier National Park.

We also saw a baby mountain goat feeding right next to the road, and he was sooo cute! He had the sweetest little bleeeaatt he did over and over.

Driving Glacier was so scary, the road was so narrow, and up so high, and they had construction to boot! Luckily David drove on this harrowing road. I barely had enough courage to pull the camera out.

Yellowstone showed us tons of bison. These two were leisurely strolling down the road.

Our family in front of Yellowstone falls.

Why Yellowstone is named after “yellow stone”.