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Archive for July 18th, 2010

Satori begged to do another science lesson again today, so I figured this one would be a fun Sunday project. This is still from the second lesson “The Cell”. I prepared lemon jello and poured it into two different dishes – one round and one square. After an hour in the fridge, just enough to get them set a bit, I had Daddy re-read the lesson story while I prepared some fruit.

We held our breath when Daddy asked Satori which jello dish might be the plant cell. And she responded correctly, of course the square dish! The circular dish will be the animal cell.

We cut some green grapes in half to represent football-shaped chloroplasts and Satori slipped them into the cell membrane and into the cell.

Each cell got a big strawberry nucleus. Then we labeled the cell parts. Of course our animal cell didn’t get any chloroplasts. These are very simple cells and we could have made them a bit more intricate, but this sufficed for our 5 year old daughter. Besides it’s all the project called for anyway.

MMMm… don’t our cells look yummy?

Aren’t edible science projects great?

Right after this lesson, as I was uploading the photos to my computer, Satori rushed into my office and handed me this paper.

I love Science. (followed by a huge number)

We love our new science program R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey! The topics in Level One Life cover:

  • What is Life?
  • The Cell
  • The Human Body
  • Classifying Life
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Plant Kingdom

We just covered the human body as a unit study, so we might do some Animal Kingdom topics this summer yet. I especially think it would be great to do when we visit my parent’s Wisconsin farm, where it would be easier to find earthworms and snails.

One of Satori’s favorite activities is writing stories, notes, and letters. Usually she’ll sit at our kitchen table and use up tons of printer paper. Then we get all the pages mixed up and lost. So I had to find an inexpensive solution so we could feed her interest and keep everything more organized.

The past two times we’ve been to Lakeshore Learning I picked up a colorful set of 10 blank books. I think with their 20% off Back-to-School sale they were about $5. Then we got some other white journals with lines to write on, I’m finding out we love lines to write on, it makes it so much easier to read her writing, hehe.

Once she starts a book, she gets very engrossed and nothing can distract her. One day she made two books. She really wants a lizard pet, so one was “To Be a Lizard”. The other book was entitled “The Huge Beast”. Check out that scary monster stomping over the town!


To be a lizard, you must behave good. Some live in the wild, some have a person.

This book she started it backwards so you have to read the pages from right to left.

After they got home Sofia saw a map. What’s that? answered Hely.

I don’t know. Hely look at Quasha but she jumped up to unfold the newspaper. Inside it showed a huge beast. Sofia read it. A monster in Texas is living by a church. Hely said “Oh no! We got to save this town!”

I love her little drawings. This one is showing the backs of the three girls looking at the newspaper. The lizard book had tons of cute little lizard drawings. I took sample pictures because both of these books and a sample blank book are being sent this week to two pen pals!