Satori just can’t get enough of learning about the human body. She watches videos that are probably meant for children much older than her, and every night makes me read from detailed books. When she wants to learn about something, she typically ends up learning more than David and myself.

She just loves to draw and write about it. These are just samples. I’ve spared you all her illustrations of the human body sitting on a toilet with urine (uren) coming out.

You know you drink water but where it goes is first the kidneys. They get the waste that you don’t need and then it goes to your urethras, then your bladder. All of this is behind your intestines. And your kidneys have little tubes that gets the waste out. And also kidneys are the size of a bean. And the bladder looks like a white bag.

I got her some journals and she’s already filled out a dozen pages about different systems of the human body.

I do not ask her to do any of this!

I am now looking into notebooking as a homeschool tool for her.