Our RSO science lab this week was to make blood! Ask someone what blood looks like, and they’ll probably say a red liquid. But blood is made of different components, and this activity shows us the main components of blood. Below we have everything measured and prepared. Our light corn syrup will be our plasma (1/2 c), the red hot candy the red blood cells (1/2 c), dry lima beans the white blood cells (5 pieces), and the dry lentils as the platelets (1 T).

Red Hot Candies were very hard to find, so I settled for generic hot cinnamon candies I found in Target’s bulk candy section. Of course we had to get a few jellybeans while we were at it, we rarely eat candy, so this was kinda fun.

Pouring the Plasma!

After mixing it all up, our final blood mix! All those red blood cells are what makes our blood look so red.

Topside view.

Satori knew about blood already because she’s fascinated with the human body, but this was helpful for her to also remember what roles plasma and platelets perform in the blood. She colored and labeled this diagram.

After the activity, she also drew her own blood model, and she remembered to include all the parts.