If you don’t have a homeschool ID card yet, you can get one free at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! We did this last year, and just last month I updated it to reflect our new First Grade year and new photo. Here’s our updated Homeschool ID. I used Photoshop to gray out identifying details to post on our website.

Although this service is absolutely free, and you can print out and laminate at home, this year I chose to order a card from their Print option. I ordered two and they arrived quickly. I was very impressed with the end result, it is very official looking and extremely sturdy. It might even be thicker than a typical credit card. Check out how thick that edge is! It certainly looks more professional than my home laminator.

We love the advantages of having a homeschool ID card, we get to qualify for discounts at so many stores we shop at! So far we’ve used it at Michaels, Staples, Borders, Lakeshore Learning… Here’s a HUGE list of where you can get Home Educator Discounts. Be sure to check that list out, it goes into detail of which stores offer homeschool discounts, how to get them, and includes stores you wouldn’t think of.