The family went camping this weekend, to watch the Perseids meteor shower. The campground is just across the road from our house.

In fact, we live in the distant hills in the background of this photo.

Satori playing a logic game.

We even had a little visitor, a flat traveller we are hosting for the week! We’ll be taking her and any new Flat Travellers we get this week, to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Which reminds me, I have to get photos of Flat Satori’s travels! I’ll do that next.

EDIT 2 days later:

For those who wanted to know more about the Logic game Satori played above, it is Kanoodle. Our family loves logic games, and this is truly pocket-sized so I can throw in my purse or even in a big pocket and pull out anywhere. The game says it’s designed for 7 years and up, but the first puzzles are easy enough for a four year old, and perhaps a bright 3 year old. The puzzles start out as 2D, but then they get harder, until you’re solving 3D puzzles. Entertaining even for an adult!