The past few days I’ve been taking photos of a few of Satori’s stories, poems, journal entries and even instructions. Here’s a few, just to demonstrate how much she loves to write at age 5.75. I hope she keeps this up! I am looking forward to kicking it up a notch for our grammar and writing this fall.

We received a letter from our penpal today, and Satori rushed off to write her back a letter. She wrote a letter, and then asked if she could send her a song. I said sure, you’ll have to write down the words like a poem. So she did! While singing her song the entire time…  A lovely summer scene while nighttime approaches…

We are going to be learning how to write a poem down on a page soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing future poems from Satori.

Did I mention she spends half her day writing stories? She’s got one wrapped up as a birthday present for me – “Barky the Dog”.

Today she is working on “The Scary Night” (her title is spelled “sceiry” but she has since learned how to spell “scary”).

She still writes in her Bird Journal. Here is her notes on the Pgymy Nuthatch. Yesterday she wrote about the Great Blue Heron.

Here’s another – “Egypt’s gods and Tut” by Satori. I don’t think I knew how to spell Egypt when I was five years old. Come to think of it, I didn’t even know what Egypt was at that age!

I am glad she is retaining her history studies, we studied this way back in early spring. Here King Tut prays to Horus, Isis and Anubis.

Blue Bairy Intrukcins count as writing too!