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Archive for August 19th, 2010

This morning over breakfast, Satori asked if I knew what “I’m at the end of my rope” means. I asked her where she learned that phrase from. She then brought me the little vocabulary flip-books we just started using last month. This phrase was in one of the books.

I saw these little flip-books at a local Barnes and Noble and knew that they would be a hit at our house. I purchased from Amazon and used their 4-for-3 and started out with the Vocabulary Power Grade 1 and Raining Cats and Dogs idiom book. Satori is so thrilled with them! She even tried packing them with us on our summer vacations.

They are little flip books that stand up by themselves, each book contained 200 words selected by professional language specialists for the specified age. They’re cute and colorful and fun to use. We loved them so much I ordered Grade 2 and Sound-A-Likes (400 homonym/homophones). There is only one idiom and homeophone book, so we only flip to a new page a few times a week, while the First Grade 1 we flip over everyday.

While I don’t consider myself the most organized in real life, I tremendously enjoy planning everything for homeschooling. I normally use Homeschool SkedTrack and plan out four months at a time. But currently there’s a lot of buzz on the homeschooling boards about crate/file folder planning out to the week for an entire school year! So one file would have all the ripped out worksheets/textbook pages/etc for ALL subjects for an entire week! I could never do that, what if I slacked off in a subject a few days? Think of all the work that would need to be done to re-organize the folders. Not for me, I’m enjoy flexibility too much.

So I’m keeping all the plans online, where things can slide to the next week easily if needed. (I’m sure that’s one of the advantages of having a whole year planned out, you wouldn’t want to let things “slide”.) But I do like having some things planned out, so I’ve decided to plan out subjects for our 2010/2011 school year, until the end of May 2011. But I won’t be having weekly file folders. I’m doing it by subject only.

Here’s my RightStart Math binder. No, I didn’t rip out all the pages of the teacher’s manual. What I did was go over EVERY lesson for the entire RightStart B program, and made sure I did printout any sheets and worksheets we might need.

In the front pocket I’m keeping our laminated Whole-Parts diagram, that we use quite often. The rest is whole punched and stick in the binder in order.

Some sheets I placed in page protectors, like Practice sheets that we’ll reuse, or other things that shouldn’t be hole-punched.

I also made sure I included in a special bag, all the little things we might need for a particular lesson. Tanagram shapes? I made them out of foam paper, they’re pretty cool! Clock flashcards for a certain lesson? All set. All those little paper parts and such for all lessons for RightStart B.

And here’s our little tote that carries our most common RightStart manipulatives. There’s no room for our abacus, but we keep it right by the tote.

Now, RightStart planning is done for the year! Some subjects are truly simple and just open-and-go, so I input all our lessons into Homeschool Skedtrack. I’m working on science now. I’m listing read-aloud books for our entire RSO Life year. Printing out stuff from the Evan-Moor Giant Science book. Etc….

At least I enjoy this kind of thing, but I’m very exhausted today. The plus side, is all this extra work beforehand will help our year progress smoothly. I hate when we have a holdup in a subject just because I didn’t print/cut something out that we need for a lesson. Anyway, I’m very excited about all the work I’ve done and ready to have another great year!