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Archive for August 29th, 2010

Here’s a few photos from Sunday morning. The first thing Satori wants to do in the morning is write a letter to Daddy. She’s the little speck in the middle of this photo. We never used this area in our house until just the past few weeks. A few tables and chairs with art/writing supplies make a big difference. We’re calling this room our Atelier.

Satori is eager to learn cursive and even though she’s only learned 6 letters so far, she tries her best to write some of her notes in cursive.

It’s interesting to see what she’s picked up just by examining random cursive examples she’ll find on packaging, books, etc… She would fly through her handwriting book if I let her, but I want it to last a bit longer!

We set a few extra tables and inexpensive rolling office chairs so Daddy and I can join in on the fun. Here we did another of our family puzzles. This is the kind with three different size pieces I mentioned earlier. Satori finished the huge and the medium size parts of the puzzles before Daddy and I could finish the one tiny piece section!

The past few days we’ve had Gramy and Grampy visit us from Wisconsin, and we all had a great, relaxing time!

The weather was perfect, sunny and 70’s. We drove to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and then down the western side of the Rocky Mountains and around back up the eastern slope where we live on the Peak to Peak Highway.

We enjoyed this refreshing stream, Satori played in it quite a bit. Grandpa and I learned about the geology of the area while she splashed with Grandma. This was the site of the Lawn Lake Flood in 1982 which had a flash flood from a dam that broke. It rushed down the mountain as a 30 foot high wall of water, creating an alluvial fan in this area and the meadows below. Huge boulders were deposited in the meadow. It reached Estes Park.

Here we are driving up through RMNP and Angela stopped to get photos of our Flat Kids we’re hosting this week. If you look just to the top left of my hand, you’ll see the line of bare area where the Lawn Lake Flood rushed down the mountain, and where we were in the above photos.

We then drove down and did a loop around the mountains, viewing the ugly damage the pine beetles are doing to our Rocky Mountain forests. A few of the trees on our property are already dying. 🙁

The next day we visited our quaint neighbor town of Nederland, where the Carousel of Happiness just opened this summer!

Every stop to get groceries now necessitates a ride on this beautiful carousel.

If you’re ever up our way (Rocky Mountains above Boulder), be sure to stop in Ned to take a whirl!