Today was Satori’s first day of school, her one-day-a-week school for homeschoolers. Halfway home, she fell asleep so once we got home I laid her on the couch. Three hours later, she’s still sleeping!

Our school is over an hour away from us, so we had to wake up three hours earlier than we’re used to. She had so much fun and talked non-stop the first 30 minutes of our car ride home. Her favorite class was Writing. For art, they studied Mondrian and made some Mondrian-inspired art. Other lessons included math, science, music, and physical education. They are supposed to have 30 minutes of Spanish, but Satori said they didn’t do any Spanish. She said her teacher sounded impressed that she was learning Latin.

Her teacher already emailed me before we arrived home to say Satori did very well and made some new friends. She said she plans to provide more challenge for those kids who already know the basics of reading, writing and math, so that is so good to know. Today Satori said they learned how to write the letter “A”, hehe. I figured it would be pretty basic stuff, but I can already tell that Satori is loving attending OPTIONS anyway. She did say she’s glad she isn’t going every single day, every Monday is about enough for her.