Thanks to all those who have commented and encouraged me to get my act together again in regards to this blog! My computer that I have Photoshop (what I use to edit photos) on started dying back in December and so it’s been over two months since I’ve picked up my camera or opened up Photoshop. Slowly, I saved up enough money to build my own ultimate computer and today I re-installed Photoshop and everything I need to start blogging again. That’s not my only excuse why I haven’t been blogging, but it’s probably the most important one. I always seem to get thrown off after we go on a long vacation though.

Here’s a few photos from our cruise trip. Here’s our ship, the Norwegian Epic, only four months since it first set to sea!

Our little inside stateroom, which was actually not as cramped as we were expecting. Not shown are the bathroom and shower area. Everything was very efficiently situated in the room.

Satori went on the water slides every single day.

Satori with a fresh flower given to her by a little Mexican girl on one of our stops.