Just wanted to give a little progress update on how our All-About-Spelling Level 3 is going. We’re wrapping up Level 3 and will be starting Level 4 next week, as soon as it arrives. There are 28 steps in Level 3 and we just finished Step 25. We take about a week on each step (about 2-3 lessons). Here’s how our time with AAS has been going lately.

To start each step, I put up a word on the white board and we go over past rules. Here Satori has separated ‘understood’ into syllables and labeled them. We also go over our Word Bank sheet to help build the her visual memory of words. Yesterday Satori read the Word Bank for IR, which was a relatively short list of 15 words such as thirteen, birthday, and circle.

Next we tackle the day’s lesson. For Step 25, we practiced the four ways (we learned so far) of spelling the sound of long-i. This red card is one of our Sound Cards. We also may learn new Phonogram, Key, and Word cards, but for this particular lesson, this was our only new card.

I then dictated various words and had Satori put them in the correct column. When we have an activity like this, I like to have her write the words on labels, then stick them in the column on another page.

Normally a Step will include 10 new words for Satori to master. There’s usually a short list of additional words as well. This step was one of the rare ones that did not introduce new Word Cards. So we skipped right on to dictating the 12 sentences. I say the sentence once, Satori repeats, and then writes it on her paper. Here’s her sentences from Step 24. As you can see, she spelled everything correctly except one word.

In Level 3, Step 14, AAS introduced a new section called the Writing Station. They give about five words, and the student should write the base word, add the suffix, and then write sentences using the new words. We no longer do this, as I don’t think she needs the extra practice.