The Write Source writing program is one that I haven’t blogged too much about so far, so I’ll try to include more descriptions. I chose to switch to Write Source this past fall once I realized Satori loved writing and could do well with a program that actually taught writing. It’s been going well so far, and we’re both glad we made the switch.

The Teacher’s Edition manual is quite expensive and I must admit we haven’t used it much at all, so I wouldn’t recommend splurging on that part. The student text and workbook though are what we definitely use. The Daily Language Workout book we haven’t been using much, and in my opinion, seem overpriced. We do have it, and may start incorporating this as well soon. (It’s just that the first part is way too easy.)

Most of what we’ve been doing in Write Source has been learning grammar and working in the Student workbook. We already have a grammar program, but Satori enjoys the WS workbook anyway. Finally, we are starting the writing part. Here’s a sample page of the lesson we covered this week on Descriptive Writing.

They offer tools to help the writing process, including a Sensory Chart to help with descriptive words for our Descriptive Writing Paragraph. In order, we: Write the first draft, Revise, Edit, and finally Publish. This was the first time we went over paragraphs and how we indent, and write several sentences one after the other (not on separate lines), so I had to explain this to Satori.

Finally, she rewrites and “publishes” the final copy, complete with a title and picture. Over the next month, we will also be exploring narrative, expository, persuasive writing, as well as reviewing fiction/non-fiction books.We will have fun with creative writing with stories and poems, and try our hand at report writing.

Again, Satori is still writing constantly on her own, everyday, so I’m loving being able to teach her all the good habits and tools a writer needs.