Last week, Satori started learning to type. We had the Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz already installed on her computer, so that’s how we started. It installed just fine for us and she got up to speed with her home row very quickly. You cannot do the speed test when first starting out, as they use all the keys. It does track her Words Per Minute and errors. She only knows her home row plus e, i, r, and u so far. After a few days of this, her WPM is 8.

Then we tried out a free online typing program called Dance Mat Typing and her lessons came alive with laughter! A silly goat, two octopuses, and chickens sing and dance for you between each lesson. After a few days of this, we are now on Level 2, which is broken up into three steps: t y, w o, and q p. R U ready?

Then, because I like trying out everything, we also downloaded (instantly) Typing Instructor for Kids for $11.99. Compared to the simple progression of the first two, this one seems overwhelming! But I can see how people love it, it has a lot of incentives and games. The typing lessons seem much longer than the first two programs, although we are still in the beginning stages of each. After a few days of this, her typing is up to 11 wpm with no errors.

It’s so much fun seeing my little daughter type away at the keyboard! She doesn’t even look at her hands/keyboard. She loves it too. Satori says that Typing Instructor is her favorite!