A few days ago I posted about the Scholastic eBook $1 sale, which sadly, has ended. I hear it was only three months ago since they had their last $1 sale, so I’m thinking they have this sale multiple times a year.

***UPDATE*** Their $1 sale is on again until February 25, 2011! ****

Since we are doing Life Sciences this year, and in particular, learning about the nervous system, today we took advantage of their Easy Make and Learn Projects Human Body eBook (grades 2-4). We did four projects, and three I will describe in more detail. Each project starts out with a little informative section that tells about the different body parts.

The first was the Cell Mobile, which illustrates six different cells. We colored them, cut them out, and hung them on a hangar.

Just to reinforce that lesson, we looked up these six cells on our iPad (Google images) and compared them to our Cell Mobile. Satori then made a diagram of the six body cells how she remembered them. We won’t be forgetting the various cell shapes any time soon now!

Since we’re currently learning about the Nervous System, we focused on the brain and nerve projects they offered. Here’s our Brain Hat! There are two sayings on this hat, the front, as you can almost see, says “THE BRAIN IS YOUR BODY’S CONTROL CENTER”. The left side shows the three major parts of the brain – Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brain Stem.

If you look on the other side, it shows the various control centers, which Satori glued on the hat in the outlines provided.

Lastly, we made our Nerve Necklace, complete with “nerve” beads to transmit electrical signals from nerve cell to nerve cell. We were provided with a whole sheet of nerve cells to print, cut, fold, and then tape them around our string.

What a great method to remember how our body transmits messages!