We have been learning about the nervous system lately, so today we did the “I’m Sensible” lab for R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Life.

Two years ago when we did FIAR and rowed the Lentil book, we also did a similar activity involving the senses. I figured this would be fun to tackle it again. Laid out on our table are 10 bags, 2 of each sense. So hidden in the first two bags are a dinosaur and a mousepad. The next two are sight – an orange, and a tricky, sealed container of vinegar. The next two containers held Play-Doh and vinegar that will be identified by spell. And so on…

Here’s Satori using only her sense of touch to figure out what’s inside Bag #1. She thought it was a dragon figurine, but it really was a little Stegosaurus. 🙂

Satori also predicted her sense of sight would be most helpful in identifying the mystery objects. Like all RSO Labs, they provide a handy lab sheets to fill out. She got one wrong for all the senses except taste. The last sheet had her analyze her prediction compared to the end result of taste being the most accurate sense in her lab.

We are almost done studying the Human Body, and then it’s on to the Animal Kingdom! I have a lot of fun things lined up. 🙂