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Archive for February 13th, 2011

Last weekend I had all Sunday to myself, so I compiled a list of favorite series offered by Discovery Education Streaming. Almost a whole year went by before we really started taking advantage of this vast resource. It is subscription-based, which makes it all the more important to utilize it if you got it!

There are several thread over at WTM regarding this service, and I took people’s favorites and put them in this list. Clicking on a series will take you to a page listing the episodes in order, as well as a short description. There are several great shows on history, math, literature, science, grammar and much more.

We’re currently using Elementary Spanish and now Satori loves The Number Crew for math! Although I limit video, I do look forward to planning our curriculum and utilizing more of these resources.

First off, I apologize for the site expiring and going down for a few hours yesterday. Oops! It marked the day of the SatoriSmiles blog Two Year Anniversary! Exactly two years ago, I decided to homeschool and used one of the available domains I had. So this isn’t the most “homeschooly” domain name, but it sure is full of Satori’s smiles. That’s because we love homeschooling! At the time, I didn’t tell anyone in our family I started homeschooling Satori, but pointed them to this blog as documentation on how Satori could learn at home. Everyone was amazed with her progress.  Two months later, we all knew that homeschooling was a tremendous success! From not being able to write her name at daycare at age 4, to writing storybooks at age 5, it truly has been an amazing experience for us.

To celebrate, I am doing a doing a Giveaway of the book Lives of the Great Artists by Charlie Ayres. I have two copies to giveaway to two random commenters on this post. Monday, February 21, the two winners will be announced and these books will be going to them.

NOTE: This is a children’s book on the great artists, but there are a few images that may not be for sensitive children (artistic nudity, violence). I am not worried for Satori, but for those of you who this might be a concern, read Dawn’s (nestof3) Amazon review for a head’s up on the images you may want to cover up. If you are a winner, and wish to not receive this book (or already have it), I have another book for a giveaway – Andy and the Lion. This is one of the FIAR program’s books, suitable for ages 4-8.

I decided to give away the Art books above, because this year we started really learning about art, and our family’s lives feel so much more enriched. We started using Meet the Masters program (through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op) and so far we’ve learned about Vincent van Gogh, Mary Cassat, Piet Mondrian, and Picasso. A few other artists we’ll be learning about this spring include Monet, O’Keefe, Degas, Frida Kahlo and Matisse. Satori has been to people’s houses and she can point out their artwork and tell everybody who did it. I love Meet the Masters!

Here’s a few pictures we have up on our wall from our various art programs, including school (she attends on Mondays).

This is from our general art program, Artistic Pursuits. This lesson was “Artists Communicate”. Here Satori communicated using body and facial expressions what fun it was to meet her best friend Sophia at school. She even used perspective to draw in a smaller (further away) person behind the pair.