Satori and I have been on a big geography kick. I read The Little Man in the Map last year to her, and again last week. She has been drawing maps, such as this one featuring the little man. 🙂 She has been fascinated with maps ever since we started Story of the World last year. We played a few geography games a few weeks ago and she amazed me by knowing the names and locations of all the US States. I never taught her, we just have maps all over the house that I guess she’s memorized them. She’s been playing a few iPad games on geography and really wants to learn more, so I’ve been busy trying to whip up plans for that.

Satori already loves all her geography workbooks, so much in fact, that we’re tried out most of the popular geography workbook series up to grade 3. We have started a new series – MCP Maps, Charts and Graphs C, which is great, because she loves reading the lesson and learning about geography on her own. We’ve also enjoyed the Steck Vaughn Maps Globes Graphs series and Scholastic Success with Maps (out of print now).

We’re stepping it up a notch this spring, to study the US States. She really is motivated to learn more about the states then just their shapes and locations. So we’re going through a quick one-month study of all the states, and will learn their capital and abbreviation. That will be alphabetically, and yesterday we started with Alabama and Alaska. Then, we’ll take it a bit slower, adding State Birds/Trees, Nickname, Major cities, etc… I want to take that study at one state per week, in order by region. We’ll then take a break learning the states and for grade 2, we’ll start studying American History, going over the states all over again in order of statehood.

I’ll be sharing our resources used in this study in a future post.

We’re also going to study World Geography more. We’re going to use The Core method of “blobbing” and eventually draw the entire world by memory. We started last week and I will show examples soon. I also made a map sheet with the 5 great circles if you don’t want to hand-make your lines everytime. I’ll share that in an upcoming post.

What else is new? Satori has been so excited about typing! I’ve created a blog account for her and soon you’ll see blog posts written by the little girl herself! (Approved by me before they go live.)

I’ve also been a bit fanatical about getting an educational game collection going. I will be posting reviews on educational board (and iPad) games on geography, math, science, language arts, art, and more soon.