I updated my WordPress blog to the latest and greatest version a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, all of a sudden my categories were not working correctly. None of the dropdowns on the main menu worked, and many links were broken. Only today did I sit down to figure out why and aim to fix it.

The culprit was a certain feature I was using, so I deactivated it and now it all works! Many apologies for the broken blog. This week I’ll be working on going through all two years of my posts and making sure it is all organized and tagged intuitively. Broken links will be fixed. Feedback is appreciated if you have on how organization can be improved.

Also, I am getting ready to post a series of blog posts showing examples of every single curriculum program we are using. People who are already using the program, or already use a different program may not be so interested, so apologies ahead of time. One of the main reasons I keep this blog is to help people decide whether a certain program are for them. Keep in mind that what may work for our family may not work for yours. I tend to get very excited about what we use sometimes, but think of your child’s and your learning and teaching styles before you get tempted into something that may not work out.

Programs first up will be our first days with Singapore Math 1B and our year with Growing With Grammar.