Today I am documenting a lesson from our RSO (R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey) Life program. Satori learned more about the Cnidaria phylum of the Animal Kingdom. We read the intro last week and watched a few great videos on Cnidarians. Today we completed the Cnidarian Lab #1: Sea Jellies Change Shape. First off, we read a blurb about sea jellies and then colored in the life cycle page they provided.

Then we got out the scissors and tape to model our own sea jelly life cycle, which you’ll see in our video.

She then wrote what she knew about Cnidarians on this page. We are supposed to make an Animal Kingdom notebook, but we haven’t done that and not sure if we will.

Here Satori explains the sea jelly life cycle herself.

A closer look…

RSO Life didn’t cover all the animal phylums, so we also watched a few videos on Sponges and I showed her some examples of sponges. We both felt sorry for the little animals that were sold to art stores and ended up in our art room.