Exactly a month ago, Satori and I started a US State Study where we were going to learn two states a day. I wanted to get an intro to each state, and Satori was determined to memorize the state shape, location, capital, and abbreviation. We just finished all 50 states last night! She now knows them 110%, even better than I do actually. She also picked up most of the state nicknames, insects, and other tidbits. This all started when she played Stack the States iPad game, and she was frustrated she didn’t know the state capitals. She’s been quite  a little sponge soaking up all this information so quickly.

I already blogged here and here about the resources we planned to use. Since we have finished, I will go through how we went about doing our quick state study. Again, we did two states per day, each state taking up about 10 minutes, so about 20 minutes a day total. We kick it off with the 50 States: A State-by-State Tour of the USA. Even I learn tons of new information everyday.

We pull out our State Sticker poster and place the stickers on the map. We kept folding ours up when we were done, so some of the middle stickers kept sticking up. I recommend putting it up on the wall if you can.

We then pull our our State Notebook and Satori highlights the states we’re learning. Map is free and can be found at the NationalAtlas.gov site.

We then read two more books that give different views of the state maps and it repeats some of the information we learned. These are The United States of America: State-by-state Guide and  Smart About the 50 States.

Leaving those books spread out, Satori writes in her notebook page (free template). We are saving some of the spots for when we learn about each state more in-depth next time around. In the front of our book, I printed out a page that lists each state and the rank and date they entered the union. She highlights them as we study them, writes their rank. She actually remembers some of these ranks too.

Our State Wall Chart hangs on the wall, they fit nicely in a Standard Pocket Chart. We flip the state over to show off its red shape once we’ve learned it. Last night we took all the flashcards and I quizzed Satori on what she’s learned. She remembered everything except Indiana’s abbreviation (IN). Since we just got a new pen pal from Indiana, I’m sure she’ll remember it for next time. 🙂

I told her she should be the one quizzing me!

She then took the states and placed them in geographical order. She is extremely familiar with the distinct shapes and locations, so this was no challenge.

Next up, we are now going to go through an easy introduction to US History using the Betsy Maestro books.