On my favorite forum people are posting “Before” photos of their messy areas, in the hopes of inspiring themselves to reorganize and clean. I am in the middle of reorganization/cleaning the entire house, so one of the only places that is still messy is our Learning Loft.

I love the learning we do in this area, but it is seems uninspiring and blah to me. I can’t afford to go out and get fancy matching furniture/tables. We have minimal wall space to hang posters and cool stuff. (The far wall will eventually be getting the 4×6 whiteboard and will cover most of that area.) Satori is growing older and while we still love to sprawl out on the floor to do certain subjects like math, I want to prepare an area we both can work together.

Here’s our BEFORE photos.

This is with absolutely no tidying up. I should’ve taken closer, detail pictures of the messes like some people did.

Next week I’ll post the reorganization AFTER photos.