Thank you Grandpa Bauer and Daddy for helping us put up our new whiteboard on the wall! I had been drooling over a large 4×6 magnetic whiteboard for years. David loves them too, as he’s used to them at work. However, they were always $450-500 everywhere I looked, and that is out of our price range. Luckily, someone on the WTM pointed out a great website (US Markerboard) that offered them for almost half off with free shipping ($288.99)! So this month we splurged using our tax refund and it arrived safe and sound!

Here’s how it looks today after doing our language arts lessons. We learned what a Topic is in our new Evan Moor 6-Trait Writing program. We learned what interjections are in First Language Lessons 2. Since the FLL program is mostly oral, I let Satori doodle/play as long as she listens. All the doodles on this board are hers except for the cake on the left. I thought her bird on the tree was done very well.

It takes up almost our whole far wall so we definitely had to do some reorganizing. The far right wall holds a huge Aspen desk with bookshelves that I use as my homeschool desk. There are no other walls, only the wooden railings along the side of the room. So I moved Satori’s desk next to mine, overlooking our great room. One advantage is that the glare from all the windows will no longer go on her computer monitor. I love having her closer to me than on the far side of the room. She is on it at the moment, using Typing Instructor for Kids.

Probably our best idea from the move was to enable our table to be used for actual schoolwork. Before it was pushed up against the railing, and two huge Desk Apprentices were on it, leaving no room for us to work, much less work together. Since we’ve been doing PreK-1 work, we ended up working on the carpet or her small table anyway. But now we’re doing real work, and Satori and I love working together on this table! We kept one Desk Apprentice (revolving black organizer) to hold all our workbooks/binders that we’ll be using on this table. The light has a timer on it so we don’t go over our lessons.

Previously, the only use Satori got out of the table above was to go underneath it during her lessons and pretend she was a mammal in her “burrow”. I’m predicting we’ll get a lot more productivity out of our day if we use it as an actual desk.

I just took this photo. It’s hard to get Satori out of her soft pajamas, so you’ll often see her favorite purple pair on during the day. The only reason we keep the Aspen wood chair with cushion there is because it is Satori’s cat Soma’s favorite napping spot. On the right side of the frame you’ll see my desk. You can see how closely we can work together now.

And here’s my desk! I organized this a few weeks ago.