I’m documenting some of the things Satori did today and last night. I find these fun to look through years later. Usually Satori wakes up before me and by the time I come downstairs, she is writing in a journal or in a blank book. Today was no exception. This page on “My favorite stuff” was so cute. She spells journals as “jurnles”, I’ll have to show her how to spell that, as it is one of her favorite stuffs.

I don’t correct any spelling/grammar in her independent creative works, but make mental notes on what we might have to work on. If she has a word she uses often in her writing, I might show her how to spell it. I’ll probably show her how to spell these words: different, journal, and coral. I think I’ll pass on anemones for now, I hardly know how to spell that one.

This week in our RSO science studies we’ve been learning about animals, last week it was mollusks and this week echinoderms. I realized that tide pools host many of these animals so we’ve been reading a few books on tide pools. Satori gets very excited when she learns new things. She took out her watercolor pencils and wrote and drew what she’s learned.

Here is a painting of Satori and I at a tide pool. We are trying our best to convince Daddy that we must visit tide pools in Oregon. I have never been to one and this is something I’d love to see. We have a big trip scheduled in May, but we were planning on going to the Grand Canyon. We’ll try hard to reschedule that for when we study Earth next year and get him to see that a tide pool would really be cool!

We also read a bunch of books and watched a few videos on coral reefs. She loves to tell the story about how when she went scuba diving in my belly before I knew I was pregnant. Luckily she turned out ok, even after two pina coladas that night!

I love her colorful reef picture.

Needless to say, our floor is covered with books and pictures and pages about corl reefs and tide pools this week. 🙂