Someone asked whether you can flip the books back and have it still lie flat. Here’s what they say on their website:

GBC ProClick® spines allow pages to lie flat with 360° rotation and let you easily add and remove sheets.

Image from GBC ProClick website

Here’s an image of one of our books with the pages flipped back and it is lying flat.

Another view. Since these spines do have a tiny vertical “spine”, there is an small gap but it doesn’t hinder the books ability to lie perfectly flat. I did look around our homeschool for the comb binders and found some on our old MUS books. They have a very thick spine which prevents the books from lying flat. The bigger the book, the thicker the spine, and the less they lie flat. The advantage is that you can put a label on the spine.

After I got done posting about the ProClick yesterday, I thought I should have included some close-ups of the spines themselves. What appealed to me most about the ProClick is that you can easily zip them back open and insert more pages. Hopefully these photos will help you see how the spines open and close.

You can click the rings together with your own hands or use the tool. I find it just as easy to zip them up manually. They do include a zip tool to zip/unzip the spines, which is fun to use.

Another Africa notebook we made yesterday showing both the back and cover…

We made a few more books for Satori today. She requested I make her a writing journal, so I had her pick out a nice cover, and then we were able to make this beautiful book in a few minutes. I turned away for a moment, and then found this nice thank-you note on top of her new journal.

We’re so excited about the possibilities and can hardly get any actual schoolwork done! We plan to make notebooks for her drawing lessons next. We’ll be making tons more journals of course as well, as writing journals are Satori’s absolute favorite things in the world.