We haven’t really done many creative history projects lately, but I hope to spend more time focusing on history and doing some of the fun SOTW Activity Guide projects that we skipped. One activity we will do this month is build a Roman road.

I also think it would be a great time to actually make use of our history timelines. Due to limited wall space in our Learning Loft, I decided to take advantage of the bare wall along our staircase. Using 3M Command Strips, I can trust that these posters will not fall down from our rough, textured wall, and will come off cleanly once we need it too.

Here’s a section where we actually put up a few timeline figures probably over a year ago.

We look forward to filling it out more from now on!

This was the older version of the old Pandia Press History Odyssey Timeline. Here is a link to their new, updated 2011 timeline version that is supposed to work better with the History Odyssey program. We have this program and will incorporate it more in the future. They actually use SOTW as a spine.