Shortly after I posted about Homemade Magnetic Map of Africa, I decided to make a more challenging magnetic map of Africa for Satori. They are now all white instead of color, thus the added challenge of not accidentally memorizing countries by color (and my original vision). In this second version, I also made it larger, using up two magnetic pages instead of one. It’s now approximately 12″x12″.

Here’s the completed map on a whiteboard. I took out Angola to show that it really is a cut-up puzzle. If you click on it, you can see a larger image, with the separate pieces being more visible.

This time I uploaded these two pages in case anyone wants to use these to print out their own version. I recommend cutting out the countries you can from the bottom map, and then cutting out whatever countries still needed from the top, as there are some redundancies. Feel free to click on these images to see the full-size and download them for yourself!

Africa (top)

Africa (bottom)

The pieces are larger and I’m not so worried about losing them. To see how tiny they were before, here’s a look at Senegal and Gambia, next to my scissors for comparison.

Here’s a selection of country pieces with our latest version. Going from left to right, we have Egypt, Togo/Benin combo, Algeria, and Kenya. You can see one of the largest and the smallest pieces, alongside a ruler for reference. I kept the tiniest countries together (Senegal/Gambia, Togo/Benin, Ruwanda/Burundi).

Because I am not as good at Satori at identifying the country shapes, when I first attempted putting this puzzle together, I kept calling Satori over to ask her which country it was. She’d take the piece, rotate it, and within 2 seconds state the name. After tiring of this, she set this globe in front of me so I wouldn’t bother her anymore. 🙂

I have to say, I have no problems with the online geography game websites, but this white blank puzzle was tough for me. After completing it a few times, I now am much more familiar with the country shapes. This endeavor has been well worth the effort!