Someone suggested to put my curriculum addiction to good use and become a homeschooling consultant. While I am not prepared to take that big step, I will try to continue writing curriculum reviews and photo-document our experiences. It’s something I love to do, and love to see on other blogs as well.

Probably not coincidentally, I’m being bombarded with requests to post about some of the curriculum we’ve been using or are just starting. I happen to be in a blogging mood which will hopefully carry throughout the week, so as soon as we finish up our lessons today, I will start blogging our experiences with the following new programs we’re using:

  • MCT Island (specifically Grammar Island for now, as we’ve just started)
  • Getty-Dubay Italics Handwriting – Book B (B is 1st grade, may show sneak peek of book C)
  • Reading for the Gifted Student (reading comprehension workbook we just started and really like)
  • EPGY Math and LAW
  • First Language Lessons 3 (just started, so may take a week to get this one up)
  • Evan Moor Daily Geography Practice – Grade 2
  • Evan Moor Word a Day

Also I plan to give some updates on programs that are not quite so new to us:

  • Singapore Primary Math 1B
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 2
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Song School Latin
  • Evan Moor
  • Explode the Code 8 (our last post, as we’re finishing this up)
  • All About Spelling
  • Math Mammoth
  • Growing with Grammar
  • SOTW
  • RSO

Later this month, I’ll post our experience with new curriculum that we are starting asap:

  • Winning with Writing – Grade 3 (brand new writing program from the creators of Growing with Grammar)
  • Singapore Science My Pals Are Here (just got the last books today, we’ll start tomorrow)

If there’s something you want to see more, feel free to comment on this post or email me. My PMs on forums fill up fast, so you can always contact me through this blog via the Contact Form or leaving a comment.