I’ve spent a few weeks researching how to schedule out MCT Island, getting valuable feedback from experienced MCT users and analyzing possible schedules. Initially attempting a 36-week schedule, it worked out more nicely as a 33-week schedule. Each week contains four MCT days. Here it is!


Below is just a screenshot, showing a bit of my desktop background to give this post a bit of color. 🙂 Click the image or the link above to download the PDF file. It’s 3 pages long.

I started planning the schedule by closely analyzing the actual MCT suggestions detailed on this PDF slideshow. You are supposed to “launch grammar first”, so you’ll notice that Grammar Island is covered everyday for one or two months and then you’re done. From then on, you’ll use Practice Island and cover one Four-Level Sentence Analysis per day to review constantly what Grammar Island taught.

The different parts of the program are staggered intentionally to best take advantage of concepts covered, which you might use later in one of the other books. This is where veteran MCT user experience came in useful. (Thanks gals!) For example, in the vocabulary book, Building Language, the child is asked to write their own similes using the new vocabulary. So I’ve made sure to schedule it after the Figures of Speech chapter in Music of the Hemispheres (the poetry book). Sentence Island, the writing book, contains delicious examples of alliteration and such, so I scheduled it after that’s covered in the poetry book.

Aside from starting the day with either Grammar Island or Practice Island, each day also may cover up to two other books, broken down into easily digestible lesson chunks.

Hopefully this helps people who plan to start using MCT, but wondering where and how to start. Of course, some people will have success in just winging it, and that is just fine. I myself cannot help it that I love to plan things out. 🙂

If you haven’t already, you may want to check out my blog post on “MCT and a Detailed Look into Grammar Island”. We are currently only in Week 5, thus I’ve only blogged about the first book – Grammar Island. If I see a need to make changes as we progress, I’ll update the schedule. Check back for future MCT posts detailing the rest of the series!