Satori started learning Latin when she was five with the introductory Latin program Song School Latin by Classical Academic Press. It’s suitable for grades K-3. We used the student text book, CD, and Latin Monkey Match flashcards. The teacher’s guide is not needed, it is a copy of the student text, but with answers. This post is our goodbye to the program, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our last lesson was completed in June.

The CD is included in the student text and offers a song or two per lesson, sung to a catchy tune like “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”, “Row Your Boat” or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” so they’re easy to memorize. They’re recorded in both classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations. Some say the song production isn’t musically perfect, but they’re cute and good enough for us. 🙂

We’d take two days per chapter/lesson. There are 31 lessons, with a review chapter every 3-4 chapters, making it 24 chapters with new content. Each of these chapters  introduces approximately five new vocabulary words or phrases, along with a song. We’d listen to the song first to get a more accurate pronunciation than we could figure out on our own.

The next page has her tracing the new vocabulary, using a modern italic type font. There’s a few simple little exercises like the one shown below.

The last page in the lesson typically has additional simple exercises, some having the child read and write the Latin learned. We’d do these the second day. The back of the book has an appendix with a few cut-outs used for some of the chapters, although we weren’t aware they were there until too late, so we didn’t use them.

Here’s an example from Chapter 24, learning about weather. Throughout the book there are “Grow Your English” or “Famous Latin Saying” sections that correlate the Latin vocabulary with modern day words and phrases to make the lessons more relevant.

Here are the optional Latin Monkey Match flashcards. We only used them a few times, but they’re very nice cards. The four main colors correspond to 4 sections of the book, with the English side having a picture along with the translation.

If you don’t want to splurge on the flashcards, no worries, you can download the free Song School Latin PDF coloring pages!

Satori and I enjoyed coloring some of the later chapters together while listening to the songs.

Sara from Headbanger Homeschool came up with the idea to print the coloring pages off in a small size and making your own flashcards! They look so cute and I’m impressed that they look all nicely colored. We did not color all of our pages, there were so many. Maybe if we had colored them as we went along, but I only printed them out halfway through the book.

Don’t forget to check out the Little Moments Song School Latin videos. These are super cute little videos narrated by a little boy learning Song School Latin.

On our last day, Satori wrote a little story using her Latin vocabulary. I love it that she does this kind of stuff for fun on her own.

Probably not the most coherent story she’s written, but she used a good assortment of Latin vocabulary!

Our next Latin program will be Minimus – Starting out in Latin! This program is another introductory Latin program for ages 7-10, and describes the life of a family living in Roman Britain. It features colorful cartoons in Latin and Satori is already enthralled with learning about Minimus the mus and his family.