Just when I think I have a few 300 piece puzzles to keep Satori busy, she moves on to 500 piece puzzles. She even helps me with my 1000 piece ones, I think she worked more on my last one than I did. But hopefully, 500 piece puzzles will be a good size to stick with for a few more years.

Satori shouts out HI to Gramy and Grampy! (I wanted to add some some of personal post with photos of their granddaughter to offset all the boring curriculum reviews I do.)

Those pictures were taken late last night. This afternoon she started working on it again after we got back from the movies.

I think she’ll have this puzzle finished this weekend already. I was kinda hoping it would last a week or so. We went to the toystore today and there are no whimsical 500-piece puzzles with fairies or at least appealing, colorful images for young children. I did find a Ravensburger Curious Kitties one on Amazon that will arrive next week.

I also can’t keep up with enough writing journals and bare books for her! She freaked out this past week until our latest Rainbow Resource shipment arrived this afternoon with 20 more blank books. She had a list of a dozen stories she wanted to get down on paper.