I’m asking for your help! The past few days I have been compiling a huge children’s literature list. I thought I would make a top 100, but it quickly surpassed that number and now I’m at 250. I opened up suggestions at a few homeschooling forums and I’ve been flooded with suggestions.

This list is books suitable for children in the grade 1-6 range, although a little lower and higher would work as well. All must be still in print so they would be easy to find. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a great book list, only to have them all out of print!

Here is the list as it stands so far – Children’s Literature Sortable List. As you can see, it’s sortable by Title, Author, Last Name, Page Count, Copyright Year, Genre and Newbery award. Books that are more appropriate for older children are marked.

I’m still open for suggestions, additions/subtractions/revisions and feedback. Once done, I’ll work on making a printable PDF page (my initial attempts have failed, but I’ll keep trying).