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Archive for August 11th, 2011

We recently read Pinocchio (unabridged version) and once I got to the part where he goes to the Land of Toys where the naughty little boys had all play and no work or school, Satori asked if any of the boys could write in their journals if they wanted. I said they could if they wanted to, but they probably didn’t want to write. Satori then insisted,

“Writing Is Play!”

I suppressed a chuckle. 🙂 She honestly does start writing as soon as she wakes up in the morning, and at times throughout the day, and ends the day writing. I buy her tons of journals and composition books. After every story she reads, or I read aloud, or we listen as an audiobook, she gleans ideas to incorporate into her stories.

Here is a sample of one of Satori’s stories that she wrote yesterday. I did not edit any of her spelling, grammar, or wording. The only thing I did was divide it into paragraphs, which she hasn’t started yet in her independent stories.  To write this book, she did a bit of wolf research by googling about wolves and how they live. This story is about a pack of wolves with six siblings (their mother already pregnant with another litter) and their adventures.

Mother Wolf

Chapter 1 (Prologue) – Birth

Her baby stirred. She had six. She glanced at the pack again. She would miss them. She knew what the names were. Karren, Carrie, Silvy, Silly, Kathry, and Sildyah. She carefully looked around, seeing a little cave. She rubbed a twig against another twig, and put rocks around it. She put sticks underneath it, and layed grass where she was going to lay. She sat down and didn’t mind the pain.

The pups crept under her neck where it was warmest and safest. Her husband layed more grass, and sat beside the pups. The pups were very safe, though their parents both looked after them.

That night, lightning struck the cave top, but the cave was strong. “Close your eyes and go to sleep,” the mother said in her most softest, smothing, and loving voice.They did, and went to sleep, while the parents watched.

Chapter 2 – Morning

In the morning, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming. It was such a beutiful sight. Although, she didn’t care.

They set off on their journey for water and food. When they’ve gone a couple miles, Sildyah found a big lake. It had plenty of fish, and a lot of deepness. They taut the pups how to fish, swim, and wash themselves. But first they learned how to walk. They ate their breakfast and milked. Then they went back home, eating and hunting in the forest.

Kathry and Silvy were the first ones to be home. “Come on, dadda! they squeaked in their little high voices. He golloped to the black and the brown pup. The others were white, silver, gray, and silverish-gray. The pups sat by the faint fire close to their mum. Father Wolf went hunting for deer for lunch. Silvy got worried.

Soon he came home. He washed himself and joined the feast. After, the pups mum washed them. Mummy, the pups called their mum.

They heard a sound of an eagle! The male ran to his pups and cudled. He got closer. She layed her head on the pups, while they crept under her belly. Their father snarled and six little ears poked out. He snatched the eagle, and threw it into the forest. The eagle came back with his mate. He had a broken wing. “Oh please! Keep as a pet.” said Karren rubbing against the eagle. “You can stay if you won’t eat my pups! You’ll eat fish!” He said in his lowest and deepest voice. The female (eagle) was to admire, and the male a maid.

The male made a broom out of straw and sticks. He also made a pot of clay and toys out of wood. Mr. Wolf taut the pups how to write by using the maid feather and berry juice. The maid even made a strong house made out of stones. They used wood for paper.

One day, whille Carrie was watching the storm, she noticed a different pack of wolves. She wanted to see the heard again. But mum was pregnant with four pups.


Okay, that’s about all I could copy-type. I gave up and started taking photographs of the pages. Satori fluttered about all worried that no one would be able to read it then. She begged to type it herself, but I know it would take her forever to type. So here’s the photographed pages.

(I don’t expect people to read the whole story, this is more like documentation on her writing progress.)



Here’s a few of my favorite passages of the story:

“By morning, they were in America. They collected money and even the sailor’s shillings! They ate fish and arthropods, mice, and clams.”

“When they got back, Silvy head the same wood crunching under her little darling paws. Kathry snatched a grasshopper. The pups moved back to their protective parents.”

“He was the last, and she nursed him, and fed him, and snuggled with her youngest lad. Silden felt that soft feeling. Love. Love is the first thing you need in your life. It is the strongest feeling in the world.”

We have been taking it easy the second half of the summer, enjoying the beautiful weather. We do a few lessons a week, but they’re on the bottom of our priority list at the moment. Instead we’ve been taking walks/hikes, learning how to ride a bike, organizing the library/garage, etc…

My parents visited a few weeks back and we all went cabin camping, along with my brother’s family. Here’s some pics. I should’ve taken more, but I only take it out when the lighting is good.

Gramy/Grampy (aka Nana/Papa) with all their grandchildren.

The twins… (Sorry I cannot be 100% sure who is Brady and who is Beckett.)

Satori just loves her cousin Peyton. They are going to be flower girls together in my other brother’s upcoming wedding! This was one of the few times I got Peyton to look directly in the camera. She loves to dance and flail her arms I noticed!

Satori with her two top front teeth yet (which she just lost in the past few days).

Our cabins were just outside Rocky Mountain National Park and moose were a common sight. We had some foraging just outside our cabin and all around the campground.

Paddle-boating on Lake Granby.

The highly anticipated opening of Denver’s IKEA led to the purchase of new bookshelves for our home library. Satori has been enjoying reading in the cozy library.

I am currently obsessed with filling out our library with the best literature for ages 6-14. Satori seems to enjoy reading books most written for late elementary/middle school age. We also got an Audible membership and have been listening to tons of quality literature.

Her flower girl dress has arrived and it fits perfectly! We will be getting a haircut next week, sorry for her long bangs and messy hair in these pictures.

Because Satori is losing all her teeth, she looks like a crazy jack-0-lantern when she smiles overly zealously. We now have 3 types of smiles that she’ll do for wedding pictures, lol!

  1. Controlled: Lips closed, no teeth
  2. Calm: Lips partly open, just top of teeth showing
  3. Crazy: Let it all loose! All teeth and gaps showing!

This flower is detachable, we can take it off it it’s distracting.

Thanks Dad for making our sturdy new deck step! We now feel confident that we won’t break our leg stepping off the deck. 🙂

We are off on another trip tomorrow – to Colorado Springs! I still have to share our photos from our Oregon trip yet.