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The All About Spelling spelling program has been such a highlight of our homeschool experience, with Satori quickly picking up the skills to enable her to spell effectively so she can write her stories.

They’ve recently added an equally stellar reading program – All About Reading to complete the program. Satori already learned how to read before this program came out, but I have heard great things about it. If you haven’t checked out their new website yet, head on over to see what all they have to offer!

To celebrate, we are offering a $50 giveaway toward a product of your choice in the All About Learning program!

Whether you are already using the program or if you’re eager to start your child with a fun and effective program, you’ll be sure to find something. Simply comment on this blog post for your entry, and (just for fun) let us know what you’d choose if you win. A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, August 22 before 9pm CST.

We ourselves are just starting up All About Spelling Level 5 this month. We seem to complete approximately two levels a year. The Level 5 packet includes the Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet. The Student Packet contains all the cards we’ll need for this level, which we store in the blue Spelling Review Box.

Our magnetic whiteboard that props up on the ground stores all our tiles. Here I’ve set it up so it’s all ready to start Level 5.

The first lesson in level 5 reviews all the Phonogram Sound and Key cards, as well as important previously learned concepts such as Syllable Division Rules, Syllable Types, and Suffix Rules.

The Student Packet includes several materials you’ll need, including a Syllable Division Rule chart which we used in the first lesson.

Here Satori has separated the word “survive” into syllables, adding the syllable labels. All this syllable work has been tremendously helpful in learning how to spell, read, pronounce, and understand longer words.

This first lesson will take us several days to do all the review. We then teach two new Phonograms – SI and IE (they were hanging out by themselves on the whiteboard in one of the above photos). We’ll do alphabetizing work, starting with the second letter, and ending with alphabetizing to the fourth letter in Level Five. This also comes in super handy so Satori can look up unfamiliar vocabulary in a dictionary.

Lastly, we’ll have the Dictate Sentences task. This level, I will be only saying the sentence once and Satori will have to listen closely and repeat the sentence before she writes to avoid mistakes. For the Step 1, we have 20 sentences to dictate, usually we do 12 sentences. Below is an example from Step 7 with the typical 12 sentences. As you can see, it’s a great way to make sure that past lessons have been retained.

We keep the Student materials we’ll need as well as paper to write Sentence Dictations and Words in a designated All-About-Spelling binder. Here is a sample page that Satori recently did for Level 4.

After that’s all done, we mark up our Progress Chart with another sticker!

Here’s our completed Level Four Progress Chart. Satori just loves to place fun stickers of her choice on the chart. 🙂 Here on every 10th Step, she placed a large sparkly heart sticker!

As we progress, we’ll be learning all kinds of Spelling Strategies, spelling clues and tips, rules and rule breakers, and so on. For example, by the end of Level Four, Satori could successfully spell correctly all the -er words, which can be confusing as there are numerous spellings.

I am an All-About-Spelling affiliate, but I would be posting about the program regardless, as it has worked wonders in our homeschool. We think the program is just perfect! (This word is covered in Level Five, Step Two.)

So head on over to their website, All About Learning, figure out what you’d like to have in case you win, and come back here and leave a comment to this post. What do you wish to win? The Deluxe Spelling Kit? Mix it up with the fabulous All About Homophones book, Phonogram File Folder Game and a Reader? How about your next AAS Level kit? Or maybe apply your credit for an All About Reading package… It’s up to you!

Enjoy the Giveaway!