If you are a Pandia Press fan or are curious about their programs, now is the time to check them out. Pandia Press is now offering 25% off all REAL Science Odyssey and History Odyssey eBooks.

We are huge R.E.A.L Science (RSO) fans after having tried several science programs that were either too simple or too challenging to implement. I’ve blogged plenty about our experiences with RSO Life. I especially love it because it has been effortless to teach and I (and Daddy) have learned tons. I plan to blog about our Plant Study later this week and then we will dig into their next program – Earth and Space.

I have an updated, easy-to-find list of books to use with RSO Life, and will include our favorite Plant books to complete the list. We’ve also had fun adding Discovery Education Streaming and BrainPop videos and resources to go along with the lessons. Currently the following R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Level One eBooks are available – Life, Earth & Space, and Chemistry. We have all three and are looking forward to the release of Physics 1 and the Level 2 series. Biology Level 2 is already in the works, soon to be released.

You’ll notice that the books correspond to the classical education suggestions on science studies, but anyone can use them. Same with their History Odyssey offerings. For history, they have all three levels available – they have 10 years of history available! By the time we reach Level 3 (grade 9-12) stage, I’m sure the final two years will be up. Each level has age-appropriate lessons and goes through the same cycle for each level – Ancients, Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Times. I just purchased Middle Ages 1 yesterday at the sale price of $21.75.

The Pandia Press Timeline will go perfectly with their history program. I blogged about the new Pandia Press Timeline earlier this summer.

Pandia Press offers a great Try Before You Buy with an extensive preview of their books if you’re not sure their program is for you. I highly suggest heading on over to the Pandia Press 25% off eBook sale check it out. The sale will go on for this month of September only.