After an almost ten month hiatus from blogging, I am finally back for real. During that time we only focused on homeschool basics (reading, writing, math, grammar), so I have a lot to catch up on. First of all, I’ve started to update our new Fall 2012 curriculum on the right side bar. Many things like history and science have been put to the side the past year so those subjects have remained the same.

Our homeschool Learning Loft has been updated with a new desk system from IKEA so both Satori and I can work together. I built her a new computer this spring and had her watch a bit so next time we build a computer, she can help pick out the parts and build it with me as a learning experience. I have her computer setup so I can watch on my own desktop screen what she’s doing. Currently she is working on Dreambox, an online math game program.

Once again I’m on the Well Trained Mind forums non-stop, but this time I am going to be very picky about buying any flashy new curriculum that is brought up on the boards. I’m pretty proud to have resisted the urge to buy an expensive new science (Science Fusion) and history program, as we already have ones we love. I am however, really taking advantage of the Homeschool Buyer’s Coop deals. I plan to blog about the various HSBC orders that have been very successful in our homeschool. These include Dreambox, Typing Pal, and Wordly Wise 3000 Online.