Hello to all of you who still visit this blog! By now you probably have discovered we no longer homeschool. Satori has attended school the past few years, starting in fourth grade and now currently in sixth grade. She is attending a school that specialized in foreign languages, and she chose Mandarin Chinese.

Last Thursday we went to her parent teacher conference and her Mandarin teacher was so excited to have Satori in her class, saying she learns things very easily and should probably be in a more advanced class. But it is a very new and quite small school (just PreK-6, with plans to grow to grade 8). So we are just happy she is getting this exposure. She’s getting As in her other classes too. She’s been in contests like Battle of the Books, Spelling Bees and Geography Bees.

Her nose is always in a book, right now she was reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and still was reading it while walking around Lowes today. Her reading of classical literature has now surpassed my own.

And hey, we still learn from home a ton! I will try to swing by the blog to update on anything exciting we do. We are on a huge geography kick this spring, this year was her first attempt at the Geo Bee. She was a finalist in her school, and now is excited to learn ever more.

If you remember us and want to say hi, please do drop a comment! Tell us what you are up to!

Apologies for the blog being down for a bit, I am not sure how long it was down, but I’ve updated everything today.