In a nutshell – I surround myself with books and love to learn! I have a great passion for life and get obsessed with my interests and hobbies. Of course right now I consider my main interest to be homeschooling! I’ve found I totally love to blog, Satori Smiles is the first blog I’ve been really good at updating consistently.

Recently sold my business, Attached to Baby, to a family in Seattle late summer of 2008 so hopefully it will still live on. I’m still spending a few minutes a week selling the rest of my inventory on Baby Sling Outlet. With my new-found freetime, I have been getting into photography and may make a career of it one day. Reading a few hours every night, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains where we live. Married to a wonderful, supportive husband David, we have a beautiful daughter Satori, and are also looking into adoption to welcome another little one in our family.

Both David and I are kinda computer geeks. David works as an IT consultant Manager, and I used to work in the IT consulting industry as well. My career before children was as a web programmer for companies like Honeywell and Best Buy to some fun little Internet startups. David’s worked for Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Cargill, Land O Lakes and more. He continues to work in the industry, traveling some weeks, while I’ve settled down to be a stay at home mom. As I left my career, David too has made some career changes and we are now living much more frugally, but so much more happily. Less stress, more family time, I cannot believe what a difference a few years have made.

Hmm… Going to add a little more about me. David and I occasionally enjoy playing MMO games (massive multi-player online games), although we have too much going on currently to play anymore. I love them for the social aspects of meeting people and working/cooperating together, David for the entertainment value. Our first game was Everquest, I started a class website back in 2001, it grew to 15,000 members. I’ve taken it down now, but you can still see it on the Internet Archives – sample page.

I recently got our family into geocaching, that has been a great hobby for us to see little parts of the world we’d never get a chance to see. Now that Satori is five, and will finally wear some rugged shoes, we love to hike in the summer months. Satori and Mom are also totally into birding, as of spring 2010.

You’ll notice I’m shooting pictures almost everyday for this blog, every post has to have a photo! Hopefully that will help me improve, as I’ve only learned photography the fall of 2008.