Satori is just a bundle of smiles and energy. She’s absolutely irresistable.

February 2009 (just starting out)

Her favorite color is pink. She will only wear dresses. She loves to get her hair cut and styled at Lollilocks. She loves her American dolls – Mia, Dana, and baby Poppy. She aspires to be a princess when she’s older. And for Halloween, just like every year. Yep, she’s a bit of a girly-girl.

Hopefully all this learning from home will get her interested in things other than princesses! 🙂

She LOVES people, and constantly talks about her grandma and grandpa, her uncles and aunt, cousins, and of course all her friends!

Academically, she can sing her alphabet, can recognize most letters and sound out many. She can count to 13, but past that its a mish-mash of numbers, lol. She picks up on everyday things very quickly, so I’m thinking with just a tiny bit of help at home, she’ll be able to count to 20 in no time, as well as start to learn to read. BUT, I’m not going to push her if she’s not ready.

We attend Spanish class every Tuesday with a native speaker. She’s picking up on this very well, and knows all her colors, body parts, family words and more. In fact, her interest in learning Spanish a bit more at home has prompted me to work with her more, and that’s why we started our preschool “homeschooling”.

August 2009 (6 months later)

I am only re-reading this page now, and WOW has a lot changed. Satori is now way more “sophisticated” than my earlier description. By working and playing with her everyday, I have gotten to know her talents and quirks much better.

Her favorite color is still pink. She still only wants to wear dresses. She now aspires to be a paleontologist and study fossils when she grows older. Princesses, schmincesses… at the back of her mind now.

Still loves people, she’s very talkative to people both young and old. Always wants to share her knowledge of dinosaurs or whatever she’s learning at the moment.

Academically, we no longer think of her as a preschooler. Technically, she isn’t supposed to start kindergarten until Fall 2010, but we have already started her on kindergarten curriculums, I think later this year, she’ll have moved on to some first grade stuff.

She can now recognize both upper/lower case alphabet, and can write all upper case and some lowercase. She can read words by sounding them out, we have progressed to knowing her short vowel sounds, consonants and initial/final consonant blends, as well as digraphs SH, TH, and CH. She LOVES to spell, I think spelling is the way to strengthen her reading skills even faster. For math, she knows how to count probably up to 999, thanks to learning place value with Math-U-See. She’s doing simple addition. She loves history and stories and can’t wait to learn about specific times in history.

I look forward to this upcoming school year 2009/2010 when she can master more reading skills, finish learning her lowercase letters, and more, so that she can express herself in her letters she always wants to write to everyone. Looking forward to seeing what else she takes interest in as well!

July 2010

Wow, almost a year has passed… She’s progressed so much, that even though technicaly she shouldn’t even be in kindergarten yet, we’ve considered June 2010 to be the start of her First Grade year. Curriculum-wise, we are all over the place in K-2, but I’d say it averages to be mostly first and second grade stuff.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She wears clothes other than dresses. We hardly think about princesses anymore. She currently wants to be 4 things: a doctor for humans, an author, an ornithologist, and a homeschooling mother. She’s really into birding, science, but most of all, she loves to write. Write little notes to express her feelings and thoughts. Write letters to penpals and family. Write stories. She’ll do anything to get her hands on a writing journal.

Her handwriting is very neat and small when she wants. She desperately wants to learn cursive, so she rushed through HWT Grade 2 Printing to start  HWT Cursive (Grade 3). She’s trying to teach herself cursive, so I am doing my best to keep up with her. Her handwriting grip isn’t perfect, but then again, neither is mine nor anyone else that I’ve inspected. We’ll still try to salvage her grip though.

She masters every lesson quickly. She can read most words in chapter books, although her great interest does not lie in reading, but writing. We’ll be finishing our official reading program next month. For math, we’re happily using RightStart, we just started Level B. She loves learning vocabulary. We read-aloud and listen to audio books on long car drives. Her spelling skills are pretty darn good for a five year old. Which is great because she’s constantly writing.

Lately she’s been really wanting a pet lizard. It breaks my heart to say no, tempted as I am to keep a lizard for her.