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Category: 10 – The Far East: Ancient China

This is the second project we’ve done to go with the Story of the World Chapter 10 – The Far East: Ancient China. We made blue and white Ming Bowls out of clay, painted them with blue designs and then glazed with glue.

We’ve been using the soft Crayola Model Magic modeling material for projects involving clay as it’s so soft and easy to form for small hands. Satori formed her bowl over existing little bowls so we got a bowl shape.

We dried them for 24 hours.

To start the painting, Mama printed out some Ming Bowl examples from Google Images, got our blue paint ready, and our dry white bowls.

Satori decided to paint flowers on her bowl. Mama tried painting a dragon, bird, flowers and other designs. After the blue paint dried, we then glazed it over with a formula of 2 parts glue to 1 part water.

Our finished bowls! We did have rice for lunch, now I wish we would have served it up  in our new Ming bowls, perfect size for rice. 🙂

After googling “sotw ming bowl”, I found this website who approached the Ming Bowl project in a different way. Check out Shady Bayou Academy if you want more fancy, longer-lasting Ming plates!

We covered our Ancient China lesson months ago, but I really wanted to do projects for each Story of the World lesson, so this project is a bit late.

This is the pictogram for “house”, as described in our Story of the World text.

Satori built a complex pictogram that means “village”.  This page turned out to be more of a painting of a village rather than a word symbol. 🙂

Here is Satori’s pictogram for “mountains”.

Be sure to check out this neat Chinese Pictogram worksheet for more fun!